The Week For Babies

It has taken me a long time to finally have the time to start posting here again but it has been hectic.

This week, I’ll be focusing on babies! We all love us some babies, just without the crying, barfing and pooping parts.

Soooooo cute!

So anyway, this week, I was looking around the internet for cool baby blogs. I saw some cools ones like HelloBee. I saw a great informational one with Baby Center.

I also scoured some youtube videos and found these and I love them.

He’s really advanced for his age!

I think I actually follow her on Instagram. So that’s why she has a lot of followers. Guess she has many other shows.

I also found this new baby blog from the Philippines, talking about their soon to be born baby. It’s pretty cool.

I ended up on Top Baby Blogs and found a whole bunch of them! I think that’s enough. I’ll see you next week. Maybe I’ll do a mommy blog round up!