Kefir For Babies

Today I finally got time to make another post, next week is already Christmas and I decide to learn this so called “kefir”.

Kefir is a sour-tasting drink make from cow’s milk fermented with certain bacteria. It is said to be better than drinking milk or eating yogurt.

 Soooooo cool!

So anyway, this week, I was looking around the internet for kefir and I saw that baby can drink kefir in the age of 1, but I decided to let my baby drink it, when the breast milk stop producing.

I also scoured the YouTube video and found this!

I think that I will follow the video’s instruction when I’m ready. I personally make my kefir  drink in the past but because of my hectic work schedule, I start forgetting to have a healthy life and IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE!

In the end, I end up searching some wonderful resource about kefir, feel free to visit them:

I’ll  see you next year, Advance Merry Christmas To You All! Mwah!